Friday, June 26, 2009

Looking Towards 2010

Yes it is true.. I am already looking forward to 2010. Well February 21-24, 2010 that is. The Art and Soul Retreat has now open its' online registration doors and I am ready to go baby.
A few years back, Jenni and I traveled to the Art and Soul retreat in Portland, Oregon and had the best time. I learned new jewelry techniques, met the famous Sally Jean Alexander, and had a blast with my BFF. What could be better- VEGAS! Yes, this year the retreat will be traveling to Las Vegas.
Want to join us? Start saving your pennies and go to the Art and Soul retreat website for more information. It would be fun for our first Flea Field Trip.

Art Camp Week 3

This week we went on an Outdoor Adventure without the bugs and heat! We painted these fabulous daisy fields, painted butterfly magnets, made firefly jars, and drew an animal in our camera lens. It was a great day for making art! Join us next week for Insects on Tuesday and Fit for A King and Queen on Thursday. Sign up today!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art Camp Week 2

Hello again! This week my little artists created work that truly soared to new heights! From watercolor hot air balloons like below: To adorable wooden race cars....
To one of my favorite subjects to paint, the bicycle, we had an amazing day of creating.

This week's agenda for Daly is the Ragin' Cajin'...I am thinking there's going to be shrimp on Tuesday so I am thinking about stopping by. At least a little gumbo Daly? On Thursday my students will be going on an Outdoor Adventure. We'll be making firefly jars, painting butterflies and an outdoor landscape. There's plenty of room so please call today! 770-683-2825! See you next week! Jenni

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Totes

I am loving the new tote bags that we just got in at The Flea. Made with a durable oil cloth material, these bags will be great for you next outdoor adventure. They would even make the most mundane task like going grocery shopping, more pleasurable.
small tote $10
medium tote $12
large tote $14

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back from New Orleans

We are finally back from our 10 day trip through Mobile, Biloxi, New Orleans, and Gulf Shores. My Mother-in-law is visiting us from France for 3 weeks and we thought a little side trip out of Georgia was in order. The one thing I couldn't get over was all the alligator souvenirs you see in New Orleans. Coming from South Florida, I thought we had the market on Alligator heads.. but not even close!!
Heard about the Cafe Du Monde from a brochure and they were right.. the best beignets ever!!
We had our fortunes read by a very reliable source...
And then we were itchin to see the real thing.. Swamp Tours here we come!!
Glad to be back home now. Can't wait to see what our visiting artists do next week at camp. Thank you Jenni for offering to blog about it for us.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Art Camp Round-Up

Hello there Flea readers! I'll be guest blogging over here on Fridays to give you a peek at the week's art camp adventures. This week Daly hosted Gone Fishin' on Tuesday where they made some great Father's Day gifts. I understand these projects were really "fishy". My little artists chewed their way through the day creating these fun projects:Self portraits with giant pink bubbles were a favorite project for many. The giant bubble is a wooden doll head painted pink and glued on. Here Gracen, Abbey and Abigail show off their folksy portraits. These were created on a canvas board with acrylic paints.
What kid doesn't love a bubble gum machine? These were created on watercolor paper with watercolors.
This project was inspired by our story of the day, Icky Sticky Bubble Gum. The main character, a frog, gets stuck in some icky sticky bubble gum, just as these little silly frogs have. These were created using acrylics on canvas paper.

And of course we chewed bubble gum ALL DAY! We even had a bubble blowing contest. This little sweetie won by far! Next week Daly is "Going on Safari" and I'll be "Moving Right Along" making Hot Air Balloons, Bikes, Rockets and Race Cars! Call 770-683-2825 to sign your child up today! See you next week! Jenni