Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trip To France

Today was our first art trip here at the Flea. I've always held art camps in the summer, but this year decided to try one day a week instead of week-long adventures. Well, this was soooo much fun! I had 19 artists and one fabulous helper. You'd have never known there were that many budding artists in the studio though because they were so busy working on sunflower paintings, watercolor landscapes, clay kitties, and a mixed media Eiffel Tower project. It was truly a fun trip to France in 4.5 hours! Can't beat that. I hope to see more young artists on the Thursdays to come. Be sure to call and sign-up though, already we are filling up! Pictured above is the class with their sunflower fields and Clara and Grace sporting their French mustaches!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Fun

Summer Fun to me means lazy mornings, afternoons at the pool and late nights in the backyard swinging. School has been out only a few days and already we've gotten into this new swing of things. So don't be surprised to see us all a bit sun kissed around the flea.

Don't forget to add to your summer fun list art classes offered here at the Flea. Every Thursday from 9:30-2PM I'll be introducing art from a different country. We'll be looking at artists who influenced their area and the techniques they used. We'll be getting our hands dirty with paint, scratch art, markers, model magic, oil pastels and more! Space is limited and some are already full, so don't forget to call ahead for reservations!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Workshop Fun and Movie Stars

So Valerie and I headed to Atlanta for a four day workshop on Encaustic Painting this past weekend. Valerie has been using this wonderful technique for about 2 years now, I am sure you've seen her beautiful work hanging in our store. When an R&F Paints workshop became available for our area she asked if I wanted to come along and I said heck yea! The four days were a great experience for me because I am always up for a new art medium to explore. The first day there I walked in a bit late because it was the last day of school and my little William had his awards ceremony. So I walked in as we were doing introductions. The gentleman between Valerie and Gina (our fabulous instructor) is Linden Ashby, one of our classmates. After he said his name and that he'd recently moved here we moved on to the next person, Ann Berry from NEWNAN, then Lauren from Tyrone one of our regular customers. Small world, isn't it? So back to Linden, I knew I knew him. I even asked if he was from Newnan, or perhaps went to Auburn. Then Valerie chimed in with the "You just moved from LA, right?" "Are you an actor?" Well, yes he is. So giddy as girls at a Rick Springfield concert, I was able to get this photo of our nice classmate with Valerie and Gina. In the other picture is Jena a retired art educator and Layton Chavis. Layton is the nicest man who is about to move to North Carolina to go back to school for a masters in art! Man, I gotta give him a thumbs up for this. Valerie and I made a bunch of new art we can't wait to share. So be looking on the walls soon!