Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap

To get me slowly back into the swing of things in blog land, I'm starting a new series called The Weekly Wrap where I will post pictures of all the new items that we have gotten in over the week. I've been doing something similar on The Vintage-Flea Facebook Fan page but know that not all of you are fans... YET. (hee hee) If there is anything you are interested in, please call us at the shop for more information.
first up are my new Happy Spoons at $6.50 each.
love all the pretty colors they come in

I flipped over these hooks that have the chalkboard paint on them. $14 each

Queen of Hearts is a new addition to our Valentine table.. $26.50 and only 1 left.

an inventive way to make a wreath... vintage chip clip rack in a circle. $55 each

Swan Creek Candles back in stock... Fresh Linen, Cotton Crisp, Olive Verbena, and new Fruit Slices.

Love these.. The Glass Funnels came in with chips on the ends so I got a better deal from the company.. luckily we have a glass grinder in our back fused glass workroom and I was able to fix them up. Normally they would retail $22 in other stores, ours our only $12!! Only 2 left.

desperately looking forward to my Art & Soul Retreat getaway in February.. one of these sachets will be in my suitcase. $4.50 each.

new shells just in.. Bahama Starfish 9"-10" $5.00
Bai Shells .75 cents

Ruffled Clam Shell 9"-10" $12.00
Green Turbo $2.50

Just a quick note.. we will be sending out a special Valentine newsletter over the next week filled with new vendors, new products, and coupons. If you would like to receive our flea bite.. please click here. Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taking a Rest

Taking a break for awhile from Blogging my friends. I just finished up a whirlwind 5 day shopping trip to the Americas Mart in Atlanta.. the most I have ever spent up there. Found hundreds of new items to bring into the store and met several wonderful people along the way.
January is always the hardest month for me with owning a store. I get so used to the constant ding-a-ling sounds of the cash register from September to December and the constant chatter amongst happy shoppers in the Flea. Then January comes and hits you like a brick wall... everything stops. So this is the time we try to re-invent ourselves, move things around, do a thorough cleaning out, and wait. Wait for warmer days, wait for customers to start venturing out for some sightseeing in our little town, and wait for the new merchandise to start coming in.
This will also be a big decision year for me as well since my lease will be up in March of 2011.The Vintage-Flea was started 6 years ago and it certainly has been a dream come true of mine, however lots and lots of mistakes have been made along the way. Although I am proud of The Vintage-Flea and what it has NOW become, is it what I had envisioned from the beginning, NO.
I had once heard the analogy that owning a business is like hosting a party. You prim and preen your store like your home, getting everything perfectly clean, arranged and "set" for the show. Then as the hostess with the mostess, you are suppose to be "ON" all the time by greeting people, conversing in small talk, and making sure they have a good time. The best part of being the hostess, is hearing all the compliments.. oohs and awes over your hard work. I love the instant feedback I get in the shop as well. Sadly it is one thing I miss in this blogging experience. I know that people read my entries because I see a stat counter but nobody makes comments (unless I have a giveaway of some sort). I am getting to a point where blogging is my lease favorite thing to do as I am always saying in the back of my head.. "What's the point, nobody will comment on it". So this is why I need to take a break from blogging and hopefully I will be able to start enjoying it once again in the future.

You can still follow me on Facebook in the meantime or the website, as I plan on making some changes there as well. Hope to see you soon at The Vintage-Flea.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Get up and Shake the Glitter off your clothes now.... -Katy Perry
Love that line from her "Waking Up In Vegas" song!! So I'll be shaking the glitter off my clothes this week as I head off to the Atlanta Merchandise Mart for another buying trip. I am on the hunt for a body care line, vintage inspired decorations for Christmas and Halloween, books, unique jewelry, dishes, towels, botanicals, and more garden. Do you have any suggestions?? Send me an email or post them here. I would love to hear what you would like to see at The Vintage-Flea.