Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sally's Here

Most of you who frequent our store knew we headed for a fabulous art making trip in October. We headed as far east as we could to still be a part of the good old USA in Portland, Oregon. There we took workshops from several artists,Sally Jean being our favorite! We learned to create fun collages that you place between little pieces of glass and then soulder to make perfect little gems for you to wear. We returned from our trip ready to go. We were going to make, make, make. And we tried, tried, tried, and just can't seem to get the souldering thing down like she can. So, come on by the store and check out our faaaabulous new line of Sally Jean charms, made by the queen of Pretty Little Things. We've got a fairy for everyone, from the Real Estate Fairy to the Pop Tart Fairy, I am sure there is one just for you!

You Silly Girls!

So this time, we tried out the "play" part at my son William's 7th birthday. We had a Spy themed party complete with fake mustaches and these way cool glasses! Okay, so we maybe don't have such a hard time with the play part of our day! We Flea Chicks work very hard, but we also know how to have a fun time with family and friends. If you stop by the store to find both of us there we are usually pretty silly and easy going. We have the best life, we love our job, are best buddies and have families that still love us despite our hours of work!

All Work and No Play....

You all know the cliche, "All work and no play makes for a very boring day". Or at least something like that. Well, here we are at Valerie's daughter Olivia's 8th birthday having a bit of play! I was a jumping fool at Pump It Up! that night. Valerie said one parent came in and asked, "Who is that adult in the jumping ring?" If you haven't tried it yet, next time your child has a party at one of these big blow up slide and jump houses, TRY IT! Kick off your shoes and jump right in. Be the cool Mom and have a little fun. We sure did! Needless to say I slept very well that Friday night!

PS Watch out for bum burn on the slide, I'd use a mat!

Ultimate Shell Collage

If you've been by the store lately you will notice a front window full of the most gorgeous shells the ocean can produce. Valerie decided about a year ago that this would be a cool thing for us to sell. I have my own shell collection from diving and beach combing over the years, so the thought of buying a shell seemed a bit silly and not as meaningful. Well, low and behold shells are now the decorating item in all the magazines. I can't flip though a magazine now without seeing some sort of starfish or shell featured! So the shells are a permanent fixture of our fun store now. Not to mention they really make a nice display. I might actually buy my first one, a 23 legged starfish.

The photo you see here was taken in Orlando at this dive of a shell shack cleverly called "Shell World". The artist who glued every shell onto this Volkswagon bug also attacked a golf cart and golf clubs. I thought it was so cool looking! Look for some big shots of these when you come into the flea. I don't think this will be a Ladies Night out project anytime soon, but those of you with a glue gun and too much time on your hands go for it!