Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!
Our Pumpkins
Our day started with lots of costumed children lined up around the corner. We estimated that we went through 500 pieces of candy in 1 hour. Here is our sweet Mary charming our little Flea customers.
The Vintage-Flea wishes you a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I heart enameling

As an investment to The Vintage-Flea, I purchased an enameling kiln from Thompson Enameling about 1 month ago. Problem was, I still couldn't figure it out. So Jenni and I decided to take an enameling class at the Atlanta ArtWorx studio. Our 3 week class ended yesterday night and we had a blast. It was an introduction course where we learned about making enamels with torch firing and kiln firing. I am hoping to intermingle some fine silver pieces with gorgeous pops of color very soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

All I want for Christmas

A brand new Roland Cutter! I've been wanting to make t-shirts for a long time now for The Vintage-Flea but haven't found the right equipment. Until now!
Jenni and I went to the SGIA, specialty graphics and printing show last week and found some great new technology out there in the custom printing field. Some machines looked like carnival rides.....
Some printed large mural sized posters....and some can cut images out of aluminum, pvc, plexi, and wood.
But since I can't afford the $1600 Roland Cutter, I will enjoy my free guitar.
Rock on Sister!! T-shirts are still in the foreseeable future!! Just stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mercury Rising

New Votives at the Flea.. $4/$6 This beautiful vase has antique metal mixed in. $18
I've been asked by a few of you if I was going to carry Mercury Glass this Christmas and originally I had said no. Been there done that! But then I looked at my Mercury Glass collection that I have at home and changed my mind. I just love the way they sparkle and like a kid in a silver leafed candy store, I drool when the new shipments come in. Created in the late 17th century mercury glass was blown-double walled, then silvered between layers with a solution containing silver nitrate in a liquid formula and then sealed. Although it may be called mercury glass there was not a single ounce of mercury included into the mix. It was considered to be the "poor man's" silver as sterling silver prices were outrageous. Original Mercury Glass is extremely rare to find as it was very fragile but the knockoffs are just as beautiful. It can be found in a wide variety of shapes and can be made into many different colors like silver, gold, blue and pink. Happy hunting!! my mercury glass in a curio cabinet

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ladies Night Out.. Halloween Bracelet

I wanted to post my finished sample for our Ladies Night Out- Halloween Bracelet. The LNO will be on October 14th from 7-9pm. The fabric cuff portion of the bracelet was made from a recycled fabric scraps scarf which the ladies at The Recon Zone had made. I met them this weekend at Market Day and their booth was filled with fabulous recycled gifts. (My daughter picked up the cutest bookmark for her reading assignments.) I think they about died when I bought 5 of their scarves and said that I was going to cut them up. But see how cute the bracelet is???

I then took Halloween images and transferred them to vintage tea towels. Then I cut them out and sewed them along with several beads onto the fabric cuff. I added a magnetic closure at the ends.
My inspiration for the project came from an etsy artist I discovered a few weeks ago named Jean. According to her profile, she makes "curiously unique wearable art" and this is so true. Check out her etsy shop called Charmed I'm Sure and enjoy her beauties. Here is a sample of her fabric cuff bracelet.

This was definitely a fun project to do. Come on by or email us at if you want to join us on Tuesday. The cost of the class is $20 for all materials. See you then.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Ever Changing Week

On Monday our front store vignette was dressed for our "Cinderella" theme. Invitation from Prince Charming on the dresser, pumpkin waiting to be turned into a carriage, dress pressed and ready to go, even a shoe box that says Glass Slippers.
On Tuesday we got our deer heads dressed in their Halloween Masks.

On Wednesday the Cinderella chest of drawers sold so we had to do it all over again. On Thursday we set our front vignette for another kind of feast. Maybe a vampire dinner party. Skull heads and crosses are carefully placed on this 8 foot table.

Rats are crawling all around.

Who sits at the head of this table.....

Happy Friday! This weekend downtown Newnan has Market Day so I hope you all get a chance to come out and enjoy the beautiful weather, talented artists, and great food.