Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beginner/Refresher pastel class
Have a look at the January class still life studies ..I am delighted to see they are preserving their values while exploring a full range of colors. We have been considering the “optical mixing” unique to layering colors in pastels.
NEXT 4 week class begins FRIDAY the 6th.
FRIDAYS 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th $15.00
class meets at the Vintage Flea with Deborah Kidwell
770.301.8990 (Deborah) 770-683-2825 (Flea)
I love books... craft books and home decor books that is. (Although I am enjoying reading the Twilight series at the moment.) So like I said I love my books and below is my library to show them off...
I actually bought the library ladder before our house was built!

These two books were waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home today. Vintage Redux and Custom Cool Jewelry. I am still pouring over every page and can't wait to get started making jewelry. Here are some examples in the books....

I see a Ladies Night Out coming soon to the Flea!! Maybe a charm swap?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Normally I don't go all out at the shop for Valentine's Day decorations... I figured Michael's and every florist in town has that covered. However I couldn't resist after seeing these little beauties from Etsy Artist PaperEclectique. Now I am happy to say the my store is filled with her little creations.

Tussie Mussies are perfect for filling with Candy.. $1.50 each

8" Large Glitter Heart with Silk Ribbon.. perfect for the front door.. $12

7 assorted varieties of hang tags.. .60 cents- $1.25 each.

Supplies are limited so come by soon.. Hugs and Kisses/The Vintage-Flea

Saturday, January 17, 2009

As Seen In....

This weekend I was fortunate enough to watch not one but two movies... this is actually a big deal in my house because I never have the time to watch anything on the big screen. We went to see Bride Wars on Friday and then Hotel for Dogs on Saturday. I was thrilled to see that both of the main characters were wearing necklaces similiar to what we make at The Vintage-Flea.

At the Flea you can order either the Sterling Silver or 14k Gold charms with your choice of initial, name, or date. Prices start at just $10!! Come on by and order yours today.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Save Downtown Newnan

Today I get an email from a local business telling me about a brand new blog dedicated to saving our small downtown Historic Mainstreet. You see several shops around me have either gone out of business or have "store closing" signs up on their windows as we speak. And although this particular blog is dedicated to the revitialization of Newnan, this economic slow down is hurting all the 'Mainstreet Communities' across the United States. This is what they have to say:

"Local, independent businesses are located here. You can grab an espresso to go, pick up locally grown produce or fresh baked goods, shop for unique gifts or household items, or choose a good book. You can get your hair cut, have your taxes prepared, or apply for a mortgage at your friendly community bank or credit union. These businesses add to the character that is Newnan, contributing more than just goods and services. They offer personalized attention, add diversity to our shopping options, and bring life to historic buildings. And they pay their employees—and local taxes—with the income they receive. Each time you choose to spend your dollars at a local, independent business, you are voting for the continued strength and vitality of our community. "

So I ask, if you are lucky enough to live near a mainstreet community, go and support them this week by buying a cup of coffee or new outfit. Every little bit helps.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Pastel Classes in 2009

Pastel Classes in 2009
Beginning PASTEL at the Vintage Flea
8 Greenville Street, Newnan, GA
Shop : 770.683.2825Instructor/ Deborah Kidwell : 770.301.8990
4 weeks (offered monthly)
FRIDAYS at 10:30A.M until NOON
Discover the joy of the very forgiving medium of PASTELS.
It’s a little like DRAWING and a little like PAINTING! Each week we will explore different papers/supports a variety of subject matter. Emphasis will be on mark making./blending/layering within the context of understanding color “temperature” (warm/cool) and value studies( dark/light).
$15/week or $50 for 4 weeks (to paid at 1st class)
BEGINS : Jan.9thClasses Jan. 9th , 16th , 23th and 30th .
supply list:
A 30 to 60 count set of SOFT PASTELS (I found a real deal at www.jerrysartarama)
½ sheet of Mi-Teintes CANSON pastel paper (color: steel gray)
kneaded erasure
twig charcoal
“EBONY” pencil
masking tape
2 cheap mats with 5”x7” opening and small sketch pad.