Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just In! New Pick Up Sticks Line

We just ordered these great charms at the July Mart Show. You have to come see all of the selection. There are so many to choose, you'll have to have more than one! The tiny charms are great to add to a bracelet, or wear multiples at once. Come on down and see. And priced under $25.00 they make a great gift for a friend or yourself!

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Vintage Finds

This fun vinette is complete with wicker bike. A favorite find of Valerie's.
We found these fabulous concrete urns that make a nice compote for shells. Valerie has one I've always admired on her kitchen table usually full of fresh fruit.
We also found these beautiful vintage wicker wine bottles. Valerie made lamps out of a bunch we found last year. Soon these will light up the store as well. Or you can come by now for one as is.

The Art Camp Countdown

I don't know about the other Mommies out there, but this Mom thinks summer has flown! Having camp every Thursday has been almost like a little countdown for me, with only one to go that means only 2+ weeks of summer left! Yikes! This past week we did animals you'd find in your home, at least Valerie and My homes! We both have a house full of sweet, fun animals. Valerie has 2 cats and the prettiest dog, Gracie. I recently witnessed her opening the back door to let herself out. The trick Valerie says now is teaching her to swat it shut with her fan sized tail! I have 4 cats, a silly dog named Lily and new to our home is a goldfish. So this week was fun for me to share pictures of my animals and us create whimsical art based on them! We did a dog, cat and a goldfish. The day was all about painting whimsical, silly, fun and creative! I think we did just that! Next week is the last in the series and it will be about animals at the aquarium. See you then!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Framed Nautical Flags

We ordered these beautifully crafted nautical flags in NY at the gift show. Honestly they stayed in the back room for the past few months all on a single strand. Valerie got this great idea to put them into frames individually and voila! An instant wall hit. Don't these look wonderful framed all together? So if you have a boat house, lake house, beach house, or nautical themed room, these are the perfect wall accessory for you!

Art Camp- Two Weeks of fun!

Today was reptiles...and oh the creepy critters were enough to make my class of mostly BOYS even squimish! We made pet rock turtles, alligator paintings, gecko paintings and paper snakes.
Last week on the farm we painted roosters on wood, horse watercolors, cow/bull cut paper collages and my favorite- fingerprint ducks!

Finally Here!

These great bracelets and now necklaces with embossed inspirational messages have finally arrived. And priced at just $6.oo each, I am sure they won't be here long! Come on by and pick yours up today.