Sunday, July 25, 2010

Simple Times and Simple Decisions

I've made some simple decisions this week that have been long overdue.. if you remember my Taking a Rest post at the beginning of this year, you will recall that I had an important decision to make concerning The Vintage-Flea. But more on that later....

Today while I was helping the kids put together a lemonade stand, my daughter told me she was going to use the Crystal Light Lemonade Sachets for lemonade. I asked her how much was she planning on selling the lemonade for.. she replies 50cents. I then explained to her that a box of 6 packets cost around $2.30 so .38 per packet. Then you have to add the cost of cups, napkins, and then your time. Your time?? Well sitting outside on an excruciating hot day like today.. you better get compensated somehow.

So we opted for the koolaid packets instead that can make a whole gallon of Lemonade for less than 50 cents each. A smart business woman in the making!

(At last check the Lemonade possie had $46 in their tupperware container and even bigger smiles.) A store owner once blogged that owning an indie retail boutique is intense, interesting, sometimes magical and absolutely all-consuming. This brings me back to my point about precious time. I get asked frequently.. how do you have the time to do it all?? Well I can't do it all and I've come to the decision to NOT renew my lease in March 2011. So in 7 months there will either be a new owner taking over where I am leaving off or an empty building for a hopeful dreamer to start something new.

So my friends this is my last blog posting for The Vintage-Flea. Please, if you are not already, join our facebook fan page where I will be introducing new products for Fall. I plan on making the next 7 months the most fabulous ever and want you to be apart of it!!

The past 6 years have been a wonderful roller coaster ride and I want to thank you all for letting me share it with you.

Hope to see you soon at The Flea!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Indie Spirit

I've got spirit yes I do, I've got spirit how 'bout you??
This summer I set a goal to try to learn as many new crafts/art forms as I can. You see the summer is when I am in mommy overdrive and can not be at my shop as much as I need to be. Since I can not rearrange the shop, I need to find outlets for my creative juices... this is where the learning comes in. So in June I took a crochet class at the Two Sisters Knitting Nook in downtown Newnan. This was actually a kid's fiber camp so I dragged my 11 year old daughter, her two friends, and my 8 year old son with me. Well they took to this like nobody's business and started making their potholders.. just as happy as clams. I, on the other hand, was secretly cussing and gave up 1/2 way through. Such a role model, right?? So later that night my daughter helped me with my homework and I had a lightbulb moment (I actually said lightbulb like Gru in Despicable Me). Now I am a crochet addict and aspire to make the following projects... pictures found on Etsy.
Okay maybe the last one is a bit over my skill level at the moment.

For July I purchased a clutch purse kit from a company in the UK that boasts it to be "easy peasy". Well it was and now I am addicted to clutch purses. My daughter wants me to put a wrist cuff on the side so it is easier to hold and I also plan on making them much larger so normal wallets could fit inside. Either way I am now enjoying the hunt for vintage fabrics.

So do you have spirit??? What new things have you learned this summer??

Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy July

Came into the shop today to do a little fluffing after our blowout 4th of July weekend.. seems like everyone and their momma was downtown on the square this past Saturday. Somehow this blue owl was overlooked and I had to bring it home and put him on my front gate. Artist Sherry Cook has several of these folk art beauties upstairs in her booth. Everything from owls, fish, angels, mermaids, and more. This folk art piece was $45.. a steal in my book. Sherry also has several pieces at the Southern Living Showcase House in Senoia, Georgia. Have you been yet?? Neither have I but have plans to go very soon when both kids go to camp!! In the meantime.. Happy JULY!! New merchandise is coming into the shop every week even in this dead heat. Hope to see you soon.