Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Silhouette Artist Clay Rice Coming to Newnan

A friendly reminder that Clay Rice is coming to Newnan in 1 month!! Yipee! We are so excited to have him come discover our Historic Mainstreet for a change. (He usually goes to the big name shops in Atlanta)
He is a 3rd generation Silhouette Artist that can do any age portrait in under 1 minute. Now that is a talent. His silhouette fee is $40 per person which includes 2 portraits.. left and right facing. The event is on May 5th from 10am to 6pm. Mother's Day is May 9th so this is perfect.. one portrait to keep and one to give.
Also available will be beautiful sterling silver necklaces made to order with your silhouettes! These normally are priced $22 but for this event we have a special price of $14 w/necklace or $10 w/o necklace.
You must book your appointment in advance. We have 9 spots remaining between 4:40pm and 5:20pm, 10 spots between 10:10am and 10:55am, 11 spots between 2pm and 2:55pm, and several spots scattered throughout the day. Call us at 770-683-2825 to reserve yours.

**To the sweet little Nanny that came to our store yesterday.. you purchased 2 cards and 2 necklaces for your sister.. please call us at the number above. We have something for you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Three Little Pretties

Oh I can just loose myself in one of these....
Three little lanscapes all ready for Art Walk. These are 12x12 Encaustic Paintings on Luan Board. Priced $150 unframed. Don't know if these will be at The Flea Friday night or The Fine Arts and Framing.
More pictures to come...

Friday, March 19, 2010

One Week to Go

One Week to Go....
artwork done by Olivia Dumas, age 11.
The Spring Art Walk will be held on Friday, March 26th from 5pm-8pm. The cocktail served this year will be the Strawberry Lemon Drop. Here is the recipe..
1 1/2oz Strasberi Stoli Vodka
2oz Lemonaide blended with Fresh Strawberries
1/2 oz Triple Sec
What do you think?? Should be a fun evening

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Goodies from our Consignors

New items from our consignors...
Contact us if you would like to know prices, measurements, or need more information.

Friday, March 12, 2010


What do you do when it is 9pm at night and you have just realized that you need to make a piece of art to give to the Fine Lines Art & Framing in the morning in order for it to be photographed for an upcoming issue in Lifestyles Magazine (our local magazine). I couldn't bring them something I had already done because the gallery needed it to be unframed. What do you do.. panic. That is exactly what I felt after a full day of work, picking up daughter from Annie rehearsals, taking her then to Tennis Lesson, and running through every drive thru in town because my kids can't agree on the SAME thing for dinner. Normally I would add Soccer practice into the mix but last night the fields were closed. So what did I do??
Take a little from this.. French Words ("Oiseaux" painting done in 2007)

and this.. Stacking circles ("Abyss" painting done in 2007)

and this.. Birds ("On a Line" Painting done in 2009)

To get this.. La Bonne Mere. This is actually done on paper, a neat little technique that I picked up this past weekend from my SEA girls. Our encaustic group gets together once a month to teach, inspire, and collaborate. La Bonne Mere will be available for purchase for $45 at the Fine Lines Art & Framing in downtown Newnan after today.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Early Birthday Gift

I was so excited to see my early birthday present waiting for me on my doorstep this afternoon when I got home. I fell in love with this book the moment I saw it in the La Vie Claire Magazine a few months ago.
Women and The Sea, Hearing the Siren's Song. 168 pages of gorgeous photography and inspirational stories from women who have been enchanted by the sea and who have built their lives around that passion. As I get older, I realize how much I took living by the beach for granted. I lived in Antigua as a wee little tot but remember fondly our house sitting on the cliffs looking over the ocean. My father would go down and get fresh lobster for dinner.
Here I am with my brother in Antigua.

The water was always crystal clear and beautiful. When we lived in the Philippines I remember the ocean being dark and scary to go into. The sand was pitch black. This is when I developed my crazy phobia for sharks. (story to ask me about next time you see me.)
Then we settled in Fort Lauderdale where I was a mere 20 minutes away but you could still smell the salty sea water on calm nights. That is the smell I miss the most being in Newnan.. almost 5 hours away from the closest beach!
I would highly recommend this book for anyone in love with the ocean. Just the beach photography alone has my head spinning with new encaustic painting ideas and color combinations. Off to the art studio I go.....

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Taste of Spring..

Do you remember when, a few posts back, I showed you that our sign had fallen down? It was just the boost I needed to get my Spring window display underway.
Here is the "After" on the left side of the shop. The right side is still waiting for the new signage to be put into place. Today Mary and I will be hanging paintbrushes on the inside of the window to mark the upcoming Spring Art Walk show on March 26th.
Inside the shop we have received several new items which really scream SPRING.
First these lovely silk flower pins made from an artist is Southern California. These handmade French roses have vintage style ribbons dangling down with vintage buttons attached.
Still my favorite.. these pieces were custom made for The Flea from an artist in Thailand. Here real crystals, pearls, and semi-precious stones are strung with silk threads and have sterling silver clasps.
Now onto our Easter items.. egg wreaths.
and more egg wreaths. These colorful fun wreaths are only $10 each. Only 4 remain.
Rag Eggs perfect for bowl fillers or tree decorating. Only $1.75 each.
Then we have bunnies for all tastes... Chocolate (not real) Bunnies for the whimsical,
Fabric Bunnies for the vintage decor,
and Silvered Bunnies for the traditional decor.
Which Bunny are you??

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Silhouette Artist Clay Rice...

Have you heard the news??

Silhouette Artist Clay Rice will be coming to The Vintage-Flea on May 5th.

Clay is a 2nd generation silhouette artist who can transform your profile into paper in a matter of moments. His nationally renowned portraits are priced $40 per person for 2 silhouettes. Frames will also be available for purchase the day of. Appointments are now being taken from 10am-6pm that Wednesday, May 5th. Call us at 770-683-2825 to make your reservation today.. a $10 deposit will be needed for booking so please have your credit card ready.
Also.. our special for March... if you book your reservation for Clay Rice, a 25% off coupon will be available for you to use between your booking date and Saturday, May 8th. This coupon will be good to use on any Flea products, artwork or custom pieces. (not available for use on sale or consignment items)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Weekly Wrap.. a few days late

This one is for you Mary... who told me I was being a slacker because I had not posted my weekly wrap up last week. So here we go, the new things in the shop:

  1. Sweater Wrap (only winter white, brown, and paprika remain) $48
  2. Nest with eggs small/$4 medium/$6 large/$8
  3. Heavy Duty Buckets made from Recycled Tire Tubes $24
  4. Flip Flop Doormats small/$12 large/$26
  5. Assorted Ribbons 12-36ft $8
  6. Antique French Chair (pair) $225 each.. Starburst Vintage Clock $45
  7. Paddywax Travel Candles $6 available in New Mown Hay and Olive Tree
  8. Ceramic Artsy Mugs $14 each
  9. Dainty Jewelry from Town & Reese $12 and up

Hope to see you soon.

The Sky is Falling Down

That is what we thought after we heard this loud BANG outside our building last Thursday. After verifying that nothing fell down inside the store, I headed home to get my babies from school. Then the text message... "Your sign is falling down, Yikes!". What the @$#(*?? Laura, our gaurdian angel from across the street, sent the message which made me rush back into the store...
Mary, Natalie.. get the ladder!! Seems our wooden sign had seen better days and had rotted right through. Well what do you expect for a $70 sign??
So it now sits against our front window in all its glory. No we are not going out of business.. which seems to be the daily question. Actually it is good timing because I had wanted to change our look in the front of the store. So consider this the "before" and the "after" coming very soon.