Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.. this picture was found in Country living Magazine, circa 2002. The picture was taken outside the home of one of my favorite bloggers.. Sis Boom Day Dreams. I am really excited about 2010 and the direction I am going to go in. The Vintage-Flea will be more romantic and dreamy, frilly and fabulous, pastels and glitter. (oh Mary, our Tuesday&Thursday Shopgirl is rolling her eyes right now) Hope you will stay with us along for the ride.

Feeling Crafty Lately....

The next time you go to log onto Etsy, go to the search tab and type in "Tutorial". You will be amazed at the several hundred results that will turn up. This is where I found this adorable t-shirt craft project from Eliza Axel.
The kit came in the mail and I was feeling crafty....

Basically the idea is simple. You will need 2 t-shirts to make 1 complete. one will rest as the base, while the other is cut up into fat hearts, or circles for the flowers. Two ways to go about making the flowers, you can take your needle and thread and baste stitch through the heart, gathering them at the bottom like a flower garland. Or you can make tiny circles and hand stitch them onto the shirt as seen at Hope Studios tutorial for making rosettes.

Once your garland is made, you can hand place them onto the shirt and then stitch them into place.

And Viola!! A fabulous & frilly t-shirt.

This was definitely a fun project. I've already found pink tutu's on ebay for my mannequins for a valentine display. I think they will be wearing fun tops like this as well!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank you Santa

I wanted to show you some before and after pictures of our recent bedroom makeover which finished up on Christmas Eve Day!! Thank you Santa!! As some of my blog readers know, I have 2 large dogs... one has lots of hair while the other is a puppy. We had shag carpeting in the master bedroom so the puppy never quite figured out that shag carpet was not a good substitute for fresh green OUTDOOR grass.

Here they are with Sophie, our French guest this past summer, and my carpet cleaning machine. (which only put a band-aid on the problem). So you can imagine after 1 year of several stains and horrible smells....

We decided to re-do the floors, which led to repainting the walls, which led to recovering some old chairs, and so forth and so forth. Here is the finished product....

It smells so wonderful finally. And to help me keep up with cleaning the floors, Santa brought me a Roomba for Christmas. This sweet little girl zips around the floors and picks up all the debris and most importantly, dog hair. Love her!!
And finally a sneak peek at some new items that have come into the shop over the past week. Our Christmas has been moved over to one area and is now 60% off. Thus giving us room for our new bird sculptures, tramp art frames, bird cake plates, new pillows, lavender sachets and more....

The new shell shipments have come in and will start to trickle there way out to the sales floor very soon.

New apothecary linen sprays in a gorgeous cobalt blue glass are from our new Etsy artist The Paris Market.

New shipments from our fantastic botanical soaps company have arrived.

Adore this pillow which I put out on December 23rd.. sold both of them the next day. I hope to get more in soon.

Love these bird clips.

And finally these green apple candles which look good enough to eat. Hope to see you soon at The Flea.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

We are not through with Christmas offerings just yet... come by Saturday, December 26th and receive extra savings at The Vintage-Flea & Brocante. The Vintage-Flea will be having all their Christmas on sale for 60% off (final markdown) and storewide for 15% off. This includes brand new Spring merchandise as well. Yes I was up late last night putting out 10 new product lines!!
Not only will the Flea be having a sale but my consignors have also jumped on board. Rustic Attitude, you know that fabulous spoon jewelry, is having 20% off everything. Jenni Horne is having 30% off everything.. including her original art. Legacy 2, oh those pear candles, is having 40% off her entire booth. The rest are having sales from 10%-50% off their Christmas decor.
We will be open from 10am-3pm on Saturday. We are going to be closed on Monday for a little R&R and shopkeeping and then back open again on Tuesday. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful Holiday "Shopping Locally" Season. We look forward to another great year with all of you.... Merry Christmas from the Flea!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

50% off SALE

Look who came shopping at The Vintage-Flea. I caught this red cheeked man looking at the jewelry for Mrs. Claus when I pulled up to the shop. I finally got the nerve to ask for a photograph when he was leaving the store. He said he was on his way to the Festival of Lights Parade that was held last night downtown. Hope he had a good time!!
All of our Christmas decorations are now 50% off at The Vintage-Flea. Yipee!!! This includes Flea Tea Towels, Christmas Ornaments, Stockings, Santas, select Christmas Candles, and Christmas Stationary. Supplies are limited.

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Shipments

Over the next few days, I will be posting pictures of some new merchandise that has come into the store. For starters, these wonderful fingerless gloves by California Artist, Doriandra of CrowsCloth. Her incredibly warm gloves are made from super soft micro fleece and are machine washable.
We have Chocolate Brown, Lichen Green, Purple Plum, Espresso Black, and Brick Red in stock for $18 per pair.
Our 12 days of Christmas sale is still going strong. Remember 30% that day only.. today we have Archipelago Diffusers followed by Tea Towels, Soaps, Pillows, Hot Cakes Jewelry, Stockings, and finally Candles. Not only do we have the 12 days of Christmas sale going on but several booths have sales as well. Legacy II has 20% off her entire booth, Beverly and Marian have their Christmas 20% off, Georgia Ann has her Christmas 20% off, and Grit & Grace has her shirts 30% off. On Wednesday, December 23rd we will be marking ALL Christmas down 50%.
Hope to see you soon!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pantone Unveils Color of The Year for 2010

If you see an extra skip in my step, or gleam in my eye, it's because Pantone unveiled its color forcast for 2010 and the color of the year is..... Turquoise. My favorite color!! Yippee.

What an exciting year this will be in home decor and fashion.

How many more days until 2010??????

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mainstreet's Cookie Exchange

Tonight, Friday. December 11th from 6pm-8pm
Come on by The Vintage-Flea, enjoy a little Christmas shopping and take home one of our cookies w/recipe. Toodles!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

The Vintage-Flea, The Other Side of The Moon, and Two Turtle Doves would like to give you

a gift this holiday season! The 12 days of Christmas!!

From December 13th thru December 24th, we will each have one item in our store on sale for 30% off!! You may come in or call us on that day to secure your items.... but when the clock strikes 5pm (closing time) the item will no longer be on sale. Enjoy incredible savings on Candy, Pillows, Candles, Jeans, Shirts, Ornaments, Rugs, and more!! Merry Christmas from the shops on Greenville Street.
Click HERE to preview what will be on sale and when.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Atlanta Show in Cabbagetown

So my best gal pal Jenni and I went up to Atlanta yesterday for two reasons. The shopping (of course) and to get me set up for my very first Atlanta Art Show at the Stacks Lofts in Cabbagetown.
These lofts are amazing. They were retro fitted into the very first textile mill in the South, built in 1881. Cabbagetown was built as the surrounding mill town. The mills' primary product was cotton bags for packaging agricultural products. The mill closed down in 1977. However, in 1996, the mill got renovated and is now the world's largest residential loft community.
The front of our loft where our show is held

In 2008 a tornado came through and destroyed parts of the lofts as seen here in this standing shell. The pool is now built on the other side of this structure.

Here is an adorable garden outside one of the loft buildings.

Here is a birdseye view of our loft which we are using to showcase the 11 wonderfully talented upcoming Encaustic Artists.

Here are my 6 paintings that I brought to the show. I have to be honest that I have been very lazy lately with the paint brush. I had wanted to bring new works but never got around to it. Hopefully after the New Year I can get back into the art studio.

The following pictures are my fellow artists. We call our group The Southeastern Encaustic Artists. All the members, except me, live in Atlanta so it makes it a little difficult to make it to the monthly meetings. I look forward to learning more from them though in the future. In our group we have Allison Miller, Adriana Blackard, Penny Treese, Dru Molen, Glenda Chamberlain, Edie Morton, Barbara Brenner, Rae Broyles, Judie Jacobs and Melody Trivisone.

So here is a little trivia for you.. why did they name the town Cabbagetown?? There are 3 possible explanations floating around. One is that back in 1881, the residents were mostly of Scots-Irish descent and they grew cabbages in their front yards. One could distinctly smell the odor of cooking cabbage in the neighborhood and soon the nickname Cabbagetown was born by the people outside the neighborhood. The 2nd explanation is that a train carrying a load of cabbages derailed by the mill and the residents quickly grabbed up all the cabbages and used them in every meal. The 3rd is that a local cab company gave nicknames to various neighborhoods that is served. The mill town was called Cabbagetown because of the constant smell of cooking cabbage. Either way it is a wonderful little town filled with artists, musicians, businesses, restaurants, shopping and lots of local flair.

Our show continues today from 2pm-8pm. Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Buy 2 get 1 Free Sale*

Is your tree up yet?? I'm a little late on getting mine up, usually I try for Thanksgiving Day but with our recent Turkey Twilight Event at the shop.. I've been slacking. Thank you again for all that came on by. It was a huge success!
Flipping around Flickr the other day I was mesmerized by the paper art of Carlos N. Molina. Here on his website, he as graciously given you the directions and templates on how to make his paper sphere ornaments
and Leaf ornaments. I see a window display in my future!! Anyone want to help me make a hundred of these??? Well if your not in the mood to make your ornaments this year...

Come on by The Vintage-Flea for our annual Ornament & Stocking Sale, the first week of December. Buy 2 get 1 Free on ornaments, stockings, or combination of both. Sale starts December 1st and will go until December 5th. *Does not include consigment items. (The Free item will be of equal or lower price.)

See you at The Flea!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A European Christmas....

Joyeux Noël and God Jul!! This year at The Vintage-Flea we wanted to have a European Christmas theme with timeless French and Scandinavian accessories.

European Christmas Mosaic Titled Winter White So to help our vision, we found Etsy Artist Petit Coterie

and her amazing French Burlap & Muslin Pillows.

"Fais de Beaux Reves" means sweet dreams in French.

Many design choices are available but not very many pillows... hope to see you soon!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2 Weeks to Go....

Whether you want to be the Hostess with the Mostess or just find that PERFECT gift to give the hardworking Hostess on Turkey Day.... The Flea is the place to be!
We have Fall candles from Aunt Sadie....
Porcelain Pie Plates (a frozen pie never looked so good)...
a set of Vintage Butterscotch Ironstone Plates...
and Vintage Turkey Platters...

Everything in our Fall area now 30% off!!! Hope to see you soon.