Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Off to the Big Apple

That's right, we are off and flying to the big apple tomorrow through Sunday. Talk about two giddy flea chicks! Our main purpose for going is the New York International Gift Show. But, we also plan to hit every Anthropology, a hot place we heard of called ABC Carpet (which we are told is not a carpet store), maybe a museum, maybe a show, maybe a night hot spot.....we are up for it all! We've been told that the Atlanta show is bigger and better, but we just have to see for ourselves. Our goal is to hook up with some new emerging artists with fabulous products just for you, our loyal shoppers! We hear that it's going to be about 40', not too cold, right? We are going to be dressed like we are hitting Mt. Everest so I am sure we'll be warm! See you when we get back!

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Jewelry for Your Winter Wardrobe

Gorgeous new line of jewelry just arrived here at the flea. This horn inspired jewelry line comes in 2 necklace styles and a bracelet. Priced just right at $36 and under!

We also received a shipment of beautiful shell inspired jewelry. The rings are FABULOUS, a must for every lady! The necklaces have a wonderful mix of gold, which is such a 2008 hot trend, and shell. Come on in and try one on today!

Salvage Chic

Valerie spotted these letters and numbers on the Junk Market style girl's website, contacted the artist, and voila! Now we are offering them in our store. You can spell your last name, initials or like Valerie did, put the numbers on your mailbox. We had a bunch of young boys in the store Saturday and they loved them too. They all wanted to either spell out their names or their baseball team. Cool ideas guys!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Furniture Sale

Valerie and I love to find key pieces to use as display units in our store. But did you know that they are also for sale? And it's time they went on sale! All of our large pieces of furniture are now reduced anywhere from 20%-60% off! What a savings! I am sure there are those of you who after taking down all your Christmas decorations felt a need to do some rearranging, purging and adding. Be sure to stop by and check out all we have on sale and see if it works with your new look! French inspired china cabinet was $250 now $200.
Handmade wall unit by a local crafter---FABULOUS piece! Was $2300 now $1600.
Hoosier cabinet was $350 now $175.
Beautiful color wall unit was $800 now $675.
Handmade by same local crafter as the large brown wall unit was $650 now $575.

Call if you need us to measure anything for you!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Felt Purses Just Arrived!

Just in at the Flea....felted purses. We have a wide assortment in colors and styles. It's hard to say which is a favorite yet. The prices range from $20-$25. Aren't they fun! Also shipped with the purses were some way fun felt bead bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Closed for MLK

We are closing Monday in observance of Martine Luther King. Be sure to come by on Tuesday and say hello! Also bring those great pictures of your family playing in the snow....we can make some fun marble coasters out of them!

Winter Wonderland

We'd had a small spell of snow Wednesday afternoon here in Coweta County, but Saturday was a spectacular snow day! We had a Saturday workshop from 10-12am with the buzz of snow falling getting the 20 children painting portraits all a glow with excitement. This snow we might be able to build snowman with they said! Boy were the right. It snowed and snowed for several hours and actually stuck to our dry land. Here's a few pictures of our chocolate awning blanketed in snow. See how much it was falling and how BIG the flakes were?
Here's a view out our front door with the courthouse in the background. Another view of the front with our ladies dressed up for Valentine's day.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time For a Sale!

It's "TIME" for a sale. And this sale is on our wonderful collection of clocks. The wall clocks hanging form the ceiling are battery operated and tell time quite nicely. The vintage clock collection makes a nice statement in your bookcase, or frozen with the time your children are born, but they will never wake you up with their ticking! Prices now start at around $4.00 and go up to $35.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Unexpected...

We love to find a good sofa and this one has meticulous charm...tufted, muted silver, rounded back and arms, mint condition. It is a rare find that has found a nice home in our store. Dressing up the sofa you see here a wonderful collection of toile pillows. Take a second look at those pillows however and you will see that they are not the usual pattern. After handcrafting the pillows, Valerie delicately added with her trusty needle and embroidery thread some "whimsy" to the very traditional pattern of the toile! This one has a hula skirted man playing a horn, bright blue fish in the basket and a little dancing dog in a pink tutu!
This toile is decked out with non other than crusty the Clown and horse sidekick in stripy tights! How clever is this? What a great addition to your traditional room. I am sure it will have your guests talking.
Come on by The Vintage-Flea where you come to expect the unexpected!

Handmade by a Flea Chick

Here at the Flea we try to introduce a variety of new products, including ones made by us! Here is a sneak peek at a few! This cone is made with our fabulous felted flowers, ribbon, tons of yarn and vintage buttons. It would be great on a doorknob, front door, or other special spot. We have several wreaths to choose from, including some Valentine's Day ones. These were all inspired by Katie Runnels, an artist we found in a great blog called The Constant Gatherer. These are made with a wreath form, yards and yards of yarn, felted flowers, vintage ribbons and buttons and more. Come to the store to see all the selection. Each one is unique and would be a great welcome to your friends on your front door! They are all priced at under $35.00
I'll have a hot dog, coke, candy bar and.......whoopsy...you can't eat these yummies, they are for your wrist! Made from those little trinkets we used to get from the bubble gum machines, these bracelets are a wonderful, fun addition to your jewelry box! Each bracelet is filled with a variety of adorable charms, no two are alike. Come quickly because quantites are limited!
Oh, and these great bracelets are packaged just right for your sweetie in a Whitman chocolate box. Valerie, Julie and I had a yummy time emptying the boxes for you! Priced at $38.00 each.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Curious Affair

Those of you that know us, know that Curious Sofa in Kansas City has become a store we love, and we've never even been! What you say? About a year ago Valerie read the most fabulous article about business owning in Home Accent magazine (I think this was the name). The article was written by none other than the owner of Curious Sofa, Debbi. Over the past year we have read her blog like a diary, soaking in every word and images she posts. Since first reading this article and finding her on the web, she has been featured in Country Living for her home and business! She has the inspiration, motivation and the knowledge we long for. About a month ago she posted on her blog an invitation for dinner during the Atlanta Gift Show. We were soooooo there! Last night Valerie, me and about 20 other eager young business owners met at the Plesant Phesant on Peachtree where we dined, talked and talked and TALKED about owning a business, the in's and out's, the best spots to buy, the worst lines, the best lines, our disappointment with this and that and soooo much more! It was a bit like meeting a movie star for most of us, we all regard her with such....awe really. She was kind to share her time and her knowledge with us. We all left revived and recharged. We look forward to one day seeing her wonderful store, but for now we will continue to read her blogs and use them to inspire us throughout the seasons!

Friday, January 11, 2008

To Market!

It's that fun time of year again where we hit the Atlanta Gift Show. We plan to hit the 3 massive buildings running this Sunday and Monday. If you've read our past blogs, you know that last year we had quite the fun day buying then arrived at our parking lot to find my lovely mini-van stolen! Well, so we thought at the time anyways. We've worked up a plan, logging and mapping out where we want to go first. Of course there will be showrooms that woo us in, whether its a fabulous display or a pretty beverage, we are always on the look out for a new product line in the store. We are also suckers for the hot chocolate chip cookies and the margaritas!

We plan to set out our handmade Valentine goodies once we get back, so be sure to pop in later next week. We will be packing up what's left of the Christmas, so anyone looking for a great buy on a decoration for their next holiday season get on by this weekend where everything is 60% off!