Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ultimate Shell Collage

If you've been by the store lately you will notice a front window full of the most gorgeous shells the ocean can produce. Valerie decided about a year ago that this would be a cool thing for us to sell. I have my own shell collection from diving and beach combing over the years, so the thought of buying a shell seemed a bit silly and not as meaningful. Well, low and behold shells are now the decorating item in all the magazines. I can't flip though a magazine now without seeing some sort of starfish or shell featured! So the shells are a permanent fixture of our fun store now. Not to mention they really make a nice display. I might actually buy my first one, a 23 legged starfish.

The photo you see here was taken in Orlando at this dive of a shell shack cleverly called "Shell World". The artist who glued every shell onto this Volkswagon bug also attacked a golf cart and golf clubs. I thought it was so cool looking! Look for some big shots of these when you come into the flea. I don't think this will be a Ladies Night out project anytime soon, but those of you with a glue gun and too much time on your hands go for it!

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