Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Kid on the Block

There's a new kid-o or two on Greenville Street this week! This is our buddy Michele with her baby pug, Ally. She works down at Boulignini. Lily was a bit jealous because Michele usually comes to get her and love on her! She kept trying to get Michele to put down Ally to hold her! She's not so sure of her new neighbor. Look how HUGE she looks compared!
Donna with Interior Repeats is keeping her grand-puppy this week. She is the cutest little Toto dog. Come to find out Martha Ann with Panopoly often brings her large puppy to work and Beard and Company has "Bear" their large lab puppy laying around their store too!

By the way, Lily made a bee-line for the great outdoors on my dear friend Lisa yesterday when she came for a shopping visit, so I am not sure the status of her position as cute store dog right now. She may have to hang with the four cats at home more often!

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Roxi said...


Cute Toto dog! I Love those Labs to though.