Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Peek at Valerie's Christmas

We promised you all a peek at our personal homes and decided to start with a peek at Christmas. For two years now we've both wanted a flocked tree and this year Valerie did it! Isn't it to die for? Looks like real snow has fallen onto this perfectly shaped tree. She's placed it in her family room window which overlooks the lake ( Which has a most fabulous view), so their family isn't the only one to enjoy it's magical feel.

As you approach her home she has a fabulous walk up with faux columns, wooden stars, flocked wreath and real greenery. To me it looks like you are walking into a magical winter wonderland. Do any of you recognize the stars? They came from the store. The sled came from a weekend stop at Scott's. This is just such a nice entrance, wow girl! A true winter wonderland. I want to come in to see more! Valerie has a large collection of mercury glass from over the years. This year she decided to take it out of it's regular nesting spot to the mantel. The mantel is always a challenge for me for some reason. She has made it look effortless, doing a great job of mixing the real greenery with her collection, a few glittery items and two cool clocks, which don't work by the way. Instead, they have frozen in time the moment her two beautiful children were born. So sweet!

Here's a close-up of that dreamy tree and her glass ornaments. Santa looks as though he's saying hey ya'll readers!
Here's the mantel from afar (I really should have tried to get these pictures organized better, sorry folks!) I love the glittery urns, they are really silhouettes I think she glittered herself.
Add Image Stepping back a bit further in her family room you will find her collection of wooden angel dolls. See in the background the way cool doors on a track? The arch on the brick fireplace? Her home is full of neat details like that!
These are the side entrance decorations. Love the idea of putting a tree outside with sparkly pinecones, real greenery, salvage angel on the door and more! She perfectly mixes the old with the new for a look that is so unique. They say that back door friends are the best, entering her home this way you definately feel welcomed.
So this is just a little peek, she has sooooo much more to see. You'll just have to wait and see after the Christmas decorations come down. My house is next.....

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