Friday, February 08, 2008

Easter Comes Early this Year

Easter is hoping upon us! This year it's March 23rd. Wow! So, we at the flea unpacked and arranged an amazing collection of Easter goodies for you. I've attached a bunch of pictures for those of you out of towners who regularly read our blog. We'd be glad to ship any of the items you see here!
Adorable, and very real looking cookie oranaments. We have more selections available. All at $3 and under.
These chenille bunnies can hang out anywhere...aren't they cute?
These little velvet birds would look great under a cloche or in the middle of your dining table. (Or any little spot really!)
We have several papier mache glittery little figurines all made by Bethany Lowe. They are made from her chocolate molds, hand painted and glittered. Definately a keepsake.
These are called Peter, Paul and Mary.
Sweet bunny pillow on our pink velvet wing chair.
Melamine trays and plates would be great to take sweets to teachers, your preacher or a special friend for Easter. All priced at $12 and under.
This one is sooooo cute. He is so saying "Ya'll come back now".
On the left are the old fashioned games where you rock the tray until you get the beads in the holes. Talk about a quiet game for car rides. On the right is one of the several we have to offer card board silhouettes. They are very reasonably priced and would be great on your table, mantel or even in a wreath on your front door!


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