Thursday, February 28, 2008

once an ugly chair........

Okay Jenni, move over.... I want to tell our flea friends about my fun upholstery class tonight. Downtown Newnan has a gem of a store called 34 Madison that does custom drapery and upholstery. They also teach several classes in sewing, jewelry making, faux painting, and home decor. These gals are not only smart but they are hilarious too! Cindy Roberson, the owner, was a delight and I am looking forward to many more Thursday evenings with these ladies.
The chair above is my ugly chair (or ugly duckling) that I will transform into a beautiful swan. Jenni and I found it last weekend while junk store shopping for only $20!! I wish I took a front shot of it but I was too excited to start tearing it apart. Oh it was ugly and full of stains but had lots of potential. The class is set up in 6 evenings, the first 2 or 3 will be devoted to taking off the original fabric. Then I will have the fun task of picking out about 8 yards of gorgeous new fabric.
So as I work on my chair, I will document my new venture for all of you to see. Wish me lots of luck. Melissa, below, will be working on dining room chairs for a client. Oh by the way, Cindy and I came up with a LNO for us in the future. We are going to have a class and learn how to make lampshades. Our inspiration comes from this blog where the owners teach classes and make gorgeous shades.

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