Sunday, February 03, 2008

We're Back Part 2

Day 3 We wake bright and early excited about getting to the Gift Show. We'd been told to head straight for the Javits and Piers and skip the permanent showrooms, so this was our plan. Luckily today was the day it choose the rain ALL day. At least we were not walking all over town like the day before. This show is set up really different from Atlanta in that it is in 4 different locations, not three buildings attached by walkovers. We get to the Javits a little soaked (remember the walking everywhere I mentioned earlier?) and make our way through the Handmade sections. We found several great new lines we can't wait to get in, found a few LNO inspirations and tons that were just plain out of our price range but loved anyways. This is a picture of Pier 94 where they had temporary home and garden vendors. Yes, it looks like a giant floating mart. And in the fog and rain, even creepier! We didn't find too much this way, but it was fun to look. If we had a baby store we could have gone wild! One cool thing happened while we were buying from one vendor (we can't wait for the birds to fly in!). Elle Magazine came up to their booth and asked if they could use some of their products for a photo shoot! Were we in the right place or what? People all over stick their foot in their mouths though, because when asked about borrowing the product, one of the owners said, "Are you with Domino?" The Elle lady politely replied, "No, Elle Decor. Why, did Domino already use the product for a shoot?" There was some no,no,no.....they used something else...this and that. I guess we picked a hot spot!

DAY 4 This is a shot from inside the Javits. This was an amazing building, all glass, right on the water. In the rain, it was a wonderful sight and sound. The vendors were lined up by the thousands, and yes we walked the entire thing in two days. I don't know how. I guess the Billy's Bakery cupcakes had a bit to do with our energy levels....and the need to find the newest, latest and greatest for The Flea.
Sneak peek at a new product line for us. Your kids will love them! We've already test run them with our own babies and they are a winner! And no, we won't be selling the gigantic one, darn you say!
Long live the Rat King! If you've not heard our little rat story, be sure to ask, I won't go into details here. Those of you who know the story....isn't this hilarious that we found him on the streets of NY? We think it's a balloon from a parade. Perfect.

DAY 5 5:30am wake-up call, 6 am on a fast driving shuttle van, 9am on airplane, 12:30 at home with our families!

Overall, we are glad we went. We found new ideas and vendors we'd not seen in Atlanta. Although ironically enough, most of the ones we bought from have Atlanta showrooms. It took us flying to New York to find them though! We had some great laughs as always. Memories that'll last forever when you go with your best friend. Great stories like pastrami sandwhich.....rat king........bathroom sink.........seeing Mood........cupcakes with loads of icing.........dead man on street (did I forget to mention that in day 2?).............Spring Awakening?(A Tony really?) ..........JJ and Lovin' the One Your With...............

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