Monday, March 17, 2008

Catalogue Buzz

So last week we had a fun thing happen. Our buddies the Tallulah Girls called and asked if they could use our store as a backdrop for their jewelry catalogue. You see, Barbara and Cindy make this fabulous jewelry together, even though they live in two states. They do shows here and there to sell their wares. Recently they had someone offer to give their business a boost by helping them develop a catalogue, and more (I don't really know all the details). Bottom line is, they came to the store Friday am and stayed ALL day taking photos of these adorable girls in way cool outfits and of course their georgous jewelry! Here are a few pics from the days excitement. This photo is actually in our back alley. This was the last photo taken for the day (around 4:30). Mailey was smitten with the girls. She hung out all day with them being silly and keeping everyone entertained.
Here we have Barbara and the photographer discussing a shot.
This is what the picture taking was like. Huge lights, lots of shots, onto the next outfit. They took a TON of pictures in amazing outfits. Of course our store as the backdrop will make the catalogue even better!
They used the art studio as the dressing room. Really, you'd have never known it was an art studio. They had at least 50 pairs of shoes and 100 outfits strewn all over, curling irons, mirrors, make-up. No wonder my little Mailey was in heaven!

This is the jewelry waiting for it's turn. All in all it was a fun day.
Definately an honor that they chose us....makes us kind of tickly inside! We can't wait to have a show for them!

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