Sunday, April 06, 2008

Welcome Curious Sofa Bloggers

"What have you done now?" is what Jenni said to me after I told her that I had written to one of our favorite shop owners.. Debbie Dusenberry. She has two blogs, you see, one for her store called The Curious Sofa and one called Shop Owner. For someone like me who has the whole collection of business books from Victoria (The Business of Bliss, A Shop of One's Own, and Turn Your Passion Into Profits), Deb's Shop Owner blog is what I love to read the most. It is informative, educational, and has wonderful business advice. So my idea was to try to locate other blogs on the web that post about their stores, their pictures, and their business savey. I asked Deb for a little help. (You can read my letter to her on her Shop Owner blog).

So Welcome Curious Sofa Bloggers.. no doubt you found us through the links to the right of her posting. We hope you check back with us often as we continually post new pictures of our products, displays, and marketing ideas. I will definitley be looking at the other links on her page as I am sure I can learn from all of you. Thank you for making this "Sisterhood" project successful.



Dionne said...

Hi Virginia:

I, too, am an avid fan of Curious Sofa because the blog really resonates with me about shopowner life. After much deep thought, I closed my store in March and I was just getting on the blog thang, so I can't participate.

But...if the idea ever percolates up to more, I share this with you. I had a very successful advertising career for 12 years. I used that knowledge every day, even if I didn't use it for traditional ads! In the town where I owned my shop a group of six shopowners got together to join forces and increase our business. We hired a coach, opened a bank account, had professional photos taken of us & stores, did press release materials & got our city to provide additional $$$ to promote shopping our town. What struck me when I read your suggestion to Debbie was that we all feel a sisterhood & willingness to share. And we're all in a position to help each other. I'd be happy to share ideas, if you're interested. My shopowner heart is still alive, even though my store isn't!

sara anthony said...

I love networking. What a great idea. I hope it's a big success for you girls!!

Melissa Huskey said...

Hi Flea Chicks, What a great idea. I first found Debbie's blog while looking for display ideas. She has really been a huge influence over me for the past year and a half. I never thought about asking her to hook us all up. I am working on my webisite right now and can't wait to join everyone else. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

I, too, love "The Business of Bliss".

White Cottage said...

Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to the exchange!

vinus said...

Thanks for welcoming to blog. Great idea about finally making some money from sharing all your valuable info.
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