Thursday, June 05, 2008

Chaise est fini....

The chair is done! Yipee. My favorite part was learning about cording and making the box pillow for the seat. I will definitely be using those skills later on when making pillows for the store with gorgeous fabrics I plan on getting in France this summer. Thank you Lisa for the thousands of laughs we shared together. I look forward to taking another class with you soon. If you would like more information on upholstery classes, pillow making classes, or sewing classes... please contact Lisa or Cindy at 34 Madison. Now come by The Vintage-Flea and have a seat!

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Lisa said...

Valerie what can I say but that you were an awsome student :) I enjoyed it throughly! You did an excellent job on the impossible chair...LOL we had a blast and hope to do it again soon. The chair looks WONDERFUL!
Lisa :)