Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Circus Fun and ART!

This past Thursday's art camp featured animals you'd find in a circus. I LOVE the circus so it was particularly fun for me! These elephants were inspired by Jennifer Murphy and her adorable pom-pom characters. Did you know that chenilles and pom-poms don't come in gray? Nope. These babies are hand dyed by me. But it was very worth it. Look at how cute they are!At the last Ringling Brother's Circus we attended they had tons of dogs, in costumes, doing super tricks. Drawing a dog is much easier than a horse, so we did these. Oh my goodness did they do well with this project. Max, a 6 year old made this one. Don't you love his ruffly collar and party hat?

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LG said...

I was looking at this one and looking over to the side of me where my son Max's painting sits and voila! it was exactly the same!I then read on and discovered I was not imagining that every painting looked exactly the same, it was my sons!YEAH! You, Jeni, are such a great teacher!!!