Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mercury Rising

New Votives at the Flea.. $4/$6 This beautiful vase has antique metal mixed in. $18
I've been asked by a few of you if I was going to carry Mercury Glass this Christmas and originally I had said no. Been there done that! But then I looked at my Mercury Glass collection that I have at home and changed my mind. I just love the way they sparkle and like a kid in a silver leafed candy store, I drool when the new shipments come in. Created in the late 17th century mercury glass was blown-double walled, then silvered between layers with a solution containing silver nitrate in a liquid formula and then sealed. Although it may be called mercury glass there was not a single ounce of mercury included into the mix. It was considered to be the "poor man's" silver as sterling silver prices were outrageous. Original Mercury Glass is extremely rare to find as it was very fragile but the knockoffs are just as beautiful. It can be found in a wide variety of shapes and can be made into many different colors like silver, gold, blue and pink. Happy hunting!! my mercury glass in a curio cabinet

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