Monday, November 10, 2008

The Flea Chick Pick of the Week

Hello to all the Flea followers... here is a new segment that I am calling The Flea Chick Pick of the Week. From now until Christmas, one of my talented Flea Chicks will be giving you their favorite Christmas merchandise "must have" for the season. So lets start!!

This is Sally.. aka. the amazing lady who made the newspaper skirts for our mannequins. OMG I get so many comments about those skirts!! She's the one. Here is her pick:

"My Christmas pick would be the Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments. They remind me of my Grandmother's Kitchen around the holidays. She would make the most wonderful smelling gingerbread cookies and my brother and I were allowed to sample them after Thanksgiving Day dinner." Gingerbread cookies ornaments are available at the Flea.. $6-$12


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BellaColle' said...

WoW! Those cookies look scrumptious!
I've enjoyed my visit to your blog!
have a wonderful weekend1