Thursday, January 22, 2009


Normally I don't go all out at the shop for Valentine's Day decorations... I figured Michael's and every florist in town has that covered. However I couldn't resist after seeing these little beauties from Etsy Artist PaperEclectique. Now I am happy to say the my store is filled with her little creations.

Tussie Mussies are perfect for filling with Candy.. $1.50 each

8" Large Glitter Heart with Silk Ribbon.. perfect for the front door.. $12

7 assorted varieties of hang tags.. .60 cents- $1.25 each.

Supplies are limited so come by soon.. Hugs and Kisses/The Vintage-Flea


Heather said...

So fun!!

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

These are Valentine items are so cute Valerie. I'll have to come in soon to see them in person. They would look great on my red front door if they are big enough.
I was sad to read the comments regarding the closing of stores in town. Our little amin street has been so vibrant for so long! The stores were and are so wonderful I hope things pick up here as well as other main streets.