Friday, February 13, 2009

Take the Challenge

Take the Ten-in-Ten Challenge! Give ten recommendations to your friends, neighbors and customers in the next ten days, encouraging them to patronize a Downtown business. Can you do it? The "Save Downtown Newnan" blog offered this challenge and I was up for it. Over the past 10 days (give or take) I have:

  1. Sent a group of women to eat at Peach and told them about the squash casserole.
  2. Told a customer to try What's in Store as she was looking for blue & white china.
  3. Told our neighbors Fabulous by Design about Newnan Computers because they were looking to buy a new computer really cheap.
  4. My customer from Florida called looking for a place to buy chocolates and she wanted them delivered in downtown Newnan. I gave her the number to Broad Street Sweets and convinced her to buy a box of Valentine Cupcakes instead.
  5. I told a lady from Savannah about the driving tour because she was interested in the older homes around town.
  6. A customer was telling me how she was having a house built and that she was having trouble with the details. I told her about the design services offered at both Panoply and Fabulous by Design.
  7. An older gentlemen was looking for a Women's clothing shop and I directed him to Brothers.
  8. A mother and her children were looking for a fun place to eat and I told them to go to The Half Shell since it is my kids favorite restaurant in downtown. The Oyster Stew is amazing.
  9. One customer bought a bag from us and asked about Monogramming. I told her to go to either Plane Stitches or the Sportsdome. All within walking distance.
  10. I've been telling many of my customers about the Spring Art walk on March 27th.

Tell us what you like about downtown Newnan and what you tell your friends about... take the ten in ten challenge.

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