Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outside These 4 Walls

Taking a page from my artist BFF Jenni, I am going to try to sell my encaustic paintings outside of these 4 walls, The Vintage-Flea. Yes I am packing up 8 little guys to send to The Curious Sofa art show in Kansas. These are a little different then what I have done in the past. I painted on scrapbook paper, then mounted them on foam board. Finally I put them all in a 11x14 driftwood frame. The request I had from the store owner was to keep my art under $100. I have priced these to be $90.00 each.

But my favorite piece of art right now is from this wonderful caricature artist Dave Washburn. We found him at the Cotton Pickin' Fair a few weeks back. He can even do caricatures from photographs. Check him out at www.davewashburn.com.

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