Saturday, October 10, 2009

2nd weekend... must be Scott's weekend

Do you remember the Lakewood Flea Market? Oh how we all miss Lakewood. On the 2nd weekend of every month, I always made a trip to Lakewood to scour over the fabulousness of it all. Now that is where you could find the deals. During the era of Lakewood, there was always the Scott's Antique Market held during the same time (2nd weekend). Now if you were looking for true antiques... this was the place to go. Bring the bank loan with you- expensive! Well my friends, it is still expensive BUT you can find some great deals if you know where to look.

First of all there are two major buildings of the Scott's Antique Market, the South Building and the North Building. Each compound is separated by the I-85 interstate. On the South side, many of the old Lakewood dealers have set up camp on the outside of the building in the old parking lot. This is where you will find the most of your bargains. In fact, they usually set up on Wednesdays so that inside antique dealers have first pick. (Then they go home, clean up the pieces, and sell it the next month for 3-4x the $ they paid for it)

I purposely didn't bring my checkbook, only $200 in cash. I had a mission- I wanted to find vintage blingy pins to make more belt buckles and lampshades.
Julie from Two Turtle Doves, the store next to mine, went with me this weekend. She was determined not to spend any money until I did. Here she is talking to Dave about the Vintage Chicken Coop.
Well she had nothing to worry about because I fell in love with this bird sculpture from his booth.
Just what I needed, sticks. No really these are large Hickory sticks that were selling for $2.00 each. I bought 3 of them to make the Christmas tree this year at The Vintage-Flea. Intrigued?? You'll have to wait and see.....
Inside the buildings are hundreds and hundreds of booth spaces all set up with their goodies.
I loved this idea of lavender sachets made from gorgeous fabric remnants.
And of course, what day of shopping wouldn't be complete without some yummy food.
Here is the back of my car with all of our deals from the day. About 1/2 goes to Julie-- I think she won the who spent more contest.
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Haha. It turned out great! We will have to discuss who spent more money. I think it is very close. The picture is good. I love how it shows the bags from my store. Can't wait for the next one!

Mommy Mantra said...

I bet shopping with you gals is a lot of fun.