Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Art of a Lampshade

Last January, after scouring the Americas Mart in Atlanta, I noticed all the gorgeous lamps and lampshades in the high design showrooms like Aiden Gray. I also noticed the incredible price tags that went along with them... wholesale at $100 and up!! The lamps were so/so. The shades, however, were the crown jewels. Have you ever been to Anthropologie and stopped to look at their shades? You will be forking out anywhere from $80 to $180 for a shade there... A LAMPSHADE!! I knew it was time to do a little research and learn how to make them for myself.
Above are two beautiful lampshades currently offered on the Anthropologie website.
Fast forward several months... I found this interesting blog called The Lampshade Lady and I became hooked. I loved reading every post and especially seeing her beautiful shades. She does teach workshops but the problem was she offered them in her studio in Vermont. Then she wrote a book!! So I had to wait until August before the book arrived on my doorstop.

Above is a sample from The Lampshade Lady's book
I was happy to learn that the drum shade was the easiest of all lampshades to make. So I ordered my supplies and waited a little more.....

So what do you think?? I finally made my first drum shade today. To be truthful it isn't as easy as the lampshade lady wants you to believe and now I see why you pay $$ for them at the stores. It does take a lot of time to put it together. BUT that being said, I don't think I did too bad for my first shade. Just need a little more practice.
The next time you are in the shop look around a bit. You just might find one of my custom lampshades sitting upon a vintage lamp. Which of course will make the lamps irresistible. Happy Shopping!

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