Monday, October 26, 2009

That Yummy Smell.....

What's that yummy smell?? We hear that quite a bit at The Vintage-Flea. We burn a candle everyday.. switching them up here and there so that our customers can experience a new scent. But this weekend we didn't have a candle burning, instead we had yummy apple cider brewing...
...and brewing, and brewing. Well I guess ya'll liked it according to the sales of it.

I don't blame you, the mulling spices are the best from the Aspen Mulling Company. Just add a box of mulling spices to 1 gallon of apple juice for a delicious treat. Available at the Flea are the Original Aspen Mulling Spices, Caramel Apple Spice Blend, and Chai Spice Blend for $4.00 each. The chocolate fudge mix is also available for only $6.00!! What a perfect gift for the holidays.
New shipment alert... we just got in 12 boxes of Spiced Pumpkin Mix and 12 boxes of Cranberry Orange Mix. These mixes are great for baking muffins and breads for the holidays.

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