Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm a sucker for a good Tote...

I really am... I must have at least 10 large ones in various colors and a few dozen smaller ones that I keep around. My kids use them when they sleep over a friends house, we use them to clean up the junk in the car (mostly toys), and I especially use them to haul all my finds to work.

So that is why I like this company so much.. The colors are gorgeous and the price is perfect. The small drugstore bag is $9, large department size is $14, the laundry tote is $22, and the storage box is $28.00.
And they can be monogramed for those that like that extra touch of personalization. Here we have a laundry tote that I will be giving to our shop girl Kate who is graduating this year from High School. Plane Stitches is just around the corner from us.. this embroidery cost just $8!
Here are some more of our department bags.. beautiful summer colors.
For those that are heading of to The University of Georgia this year.. how about a black and white bag with red monograms?? Come on by The Vintage-Flea soon for best pickins...

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