Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sally's Here

Most of you who frequent our store knew we headed for a fabulous art making trip in October. We headed as far east as we could to still be a part of the good old USA in Portland, Oregon. There we took workshops from several artists,Sally Jean being our favorite! We learned to create fun collages that you place between little pieces of glass and then soulder to make perfect little gems for you to wear. We returned from our trip ready to go. We were going to make, make, make. And we tried, tried, tried, and just can't seem to get the souldering thing down like she can. So, come on by the store and check out our faaaabulous new line of Sally Jean charms, made by the queen of Pretty Little Things. We've got a fairy for everyone, from the Real Estate Fairy to the Pop Tart Fairy, I am sure there is one just for you!

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