Sunday, March 11, 2007

And We're Off Again!

So here come some journals on our trip to Nashville last weekend. I wish I had more pics of the road trip, because the time in the truck is usually the most special, treasured adventures you'd ever read about. In fact, I should preface this entire trip with a recap our our road trip escapades since first establishing our friendship and business. These memories will forever be in our book as "the best of times, the worst of times". Unfortunately they all happened before the blogging journals, and I never had my camera on me! So I'll be brief in my synopsis of them. I should also mention that during some of the most scary of these vehicular adventures we should have acted like women in distress, but being women of independent minds, spirit, and determined not to miss out on a shopping venture, overcame our mishaps and usually came out with side stitches from the laughs!

In the past two years we have blown a tire in the suburban on I-85 on our way to Lakewood with neither phone charged and time a ticking before picking up the babies. We've locked the keys in the suburban at the Americasmart parking garage. The best story ever is when we left our car in a lot outside the Americasmart, paid the gentleman taking money and came back HOURS later to find the van stolen. Not really, but it sounds better than towed to a parking lot in gettoville Atlanta because we were scammed. Next time you see us, ask about the whole story. I don't want to go there right now! We've taken the scenic route far to many times to mention (aka got lost). I know the suburban ran out of gas with us and the four kids in it, probably ran out in the truck too. With Valerie's 2 kids and her best bud Helen along we had major key ignition issues with the truck in the parking lot of My Favorite Place on Peachtree Ind (another not so nice area). I think it was about 5 hours later and a mechanic off duty that saved us then! Oh, I should also mention that while purchasing a new part for my truck we ran out of gas in the mechanic's suburban we had borrowed, really. I am sure I am forgetting one or two, but you get the idea. Pictured above is Valerie in the driver's seat of my truck. It was raining like crazy the day we left, and I hate driving in the rain. But not to miss out on a thing from Newnan to Nashville Valerie gladly drove us onward!

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