Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Georgia Bound!

It's Saturday and we are headed home! So far we have to make one stop on the way back for pick-ups and miscellaneous stops for more exploring. This is one of the happy places we actually passed, drove down an exit and came back to. This spot may be our new little secret! Pictured here is one of the sheds on the property. It was extremely windy this day and over my head you can see what I think are boat anchors dangling from the ceiling. Every time the wind would blow these daggers Valerie and I would squeal and run into a bay! I am holding Mary for protection! Some prizes from here were two old hand trucks, a bucket of white dishes and The Portrait of Mary. In another bay I found some killer red cowboy boots ($5.00), a cart for art supplies ($15.00) a tripod for a future lamp ($15.00) and a few old pulleys for my growing collection. Like I said, this may be the new spot! We were a site for sore eyes on the way home in the truck. The truck bed was full, extended cab full, my floorboard and between our seats overflowing! We almost left our suitcases so we could get more stuff! If you look around the store you will see all the cool finds. Can't wait to share them with you!
We also found the HUGE balls of yarn we have on display in the store now here. We saw balls of yarn at Heart of Country for up to $200.00. I am embarrassed to tell you what we paid here! Who knows, maybe we'll take a field trip up here soon and take you guys with us! We definitely plan on returning. I dropped Valerie off around 6PM and headed home to make a quick change, grab my hubby and head to a cocktail attire casino night with the Junior League. Valerie was in buying mode and headed to the auction in Hogansville. I think Sunday we both crashed after meeting to unload the truck. It was quite an adventure in Tennessee! So where to next? We are taking all the kids to the beach for Spring Break. I think we'll take the suburban and the truck, just in case!

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