Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Main Street Franklin

After viewing the Tailgate show, we decided to spend our afternoon in Franklin,TN. I had visited there once a few years back to visit Amy Hill and remembered it being a quaint little historic area alot like Newnan. Well, just like Newnan has expanded in the past 5 years, so has Franklin! We pull into the downtown area and are immediately drawn to the entire look of their historic area. The sidewalks, street posts, landscaping and lights look alot like Newnan's. The main difference was the how the streets radiated off a round-about, not a courthouse. The round-about appeared to have more of the non-retail businesses and the long streets had the retail stores. We were excited at the number of adorable retail stores they had! The other detail we immediately noticed was the parking signs (See picture above). Those of you who have visited us and received a ticket know why we put this here. We walked in and out of a wide variety of stores. Our favorite had to be The Iron Gate. After a yummy lunch and some more shopping we headed to another antique area. By the way, 3-hours was enough time to shop and eat! A few cool finds and hours later, we were lead to The Factory. Man, if Newnan had one of these, we'd be drawing people to our community from all over. This place had retail, banquet halls, dance studios, karate studio, artists working studios, antique mall, restaurants and more! It was awesome! We headed back to our hotel with a notebook full of ideas and inspirations!

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