Sunday, April 29, 2007

Super Sponges and things like that

As most of you know, Valerie and I are Jack , or rather Jill's, of many trades. We dabble in painting, sewing, jewelry making, decoupage, collage, this and that and then some. One of our favorite little jewels to make are the fused glass pendants. This past Friday Valerie decided on her day off to come in while Brice was at school, and together we would make some for us to sell. You see, we say this kind of thing often. We hired Julie for Tuesday's so we could "make things to sell" and Mary for Thursday's so we could "make things to sell". Well, "making things to sell" doesn't happen too often because we get started rearranging, or Valerie gets in her hidey hole on the computer and press, or I have to do art studio recovery, or things just happen and the next thing you know it's time for us to leave. But this Friday was set, I cleaned the glass studio Thursday, got Lily and myself to the store about 9:15ish and then the routine started. Here's me, "Hey Valerie, Lily and I are going to walk to Espresso Lane because I had no cream or sugar for my coffee this morning and it is WAY past coffee time, wanna come?" and Valerie says, "Sure". So we three strut on down to Espresso Lane and I pick up my tummy warming and brain starting coffee and..... well I can't remember what Valerie got actually. Then Valerie says, "The Half Shell has great cookies that would be really yummy with these beverages". And I say, "Let's go." So the three of us set out again on a beautiful day around our quaint square. Cookies, coffee, Lily, Valerie and I then finally make our way back to TVF for a morning of creating. But first, I have to get junk outside, not real junk, but items to entice you, our customers, to come in through the doors of our amazing store. Oh, and Valerie wants to pull up a website for inspiration, but the computer is soooooooooooo slow (We need a new one but opt for more merchandise instead). Oh, and did you make a deposit? and what about e-mails?, you checked for any messages? man I need to check the belt buckles from last night upstairs...... Don't let Lily out! etc....etc....etc.... So I imagine around 10:30ish we finally get into the glass mode of thinking. That's when we decided to get out the glass grinder that had been sitting under a table in the back for 8 months or so to use for our morning of "making things to sell". Okay, I am right brained, Valerie is right-brained, and Lily, well she walks on her hands! As I think back I am giggling a bit at us putting this *@X@?X thing together. The pics I've attached up top are of the "SUPER SPONGE", man would Spongbob be proud! This thing cracked me up, I just had to have a before and after photo with it. After much ado, we finally got the glass grinder thing together and started our creative process when Fused Friday friends came in. We love these girls, so Valerie did a demo and got them started because in the meantime, my Mother had appeared for a portrait drawing 101 lesson to do with her kids at Heritage for a t-shirt design for a program yaddy, yaddy, yadda. Next thing I know Valerie is running out the door saying, "Gotta get Brice" Already 11:30? 10 minutes later she comes in saying gotta go, not a good day to bring little man in to the store. I take a deep breath and do a bit of a pout because our morning of "making things to sell" has once again been a futile attempt. Good news is though, I got amazingly busy and didn't have time to pout long! Man I love my job!

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