Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The "Flea Bite"

We had our monthly LNO last night. It was a great group of ladies eager to craft their night away. We had a house full again which always makes it more exciting for Valerie and I (and challenging to come up with fabulous new projects!). This month we made fabric covered button bracelets and hair bobbles. Every one's turned out wonderful. Afterwards a group of us wandered down to Andre's off the Square for a dessert and drink. Come to find out the sweet bartender, Heather, has named a martini after we Flea Chicks called the "Flea Bite". How flattering! It has a yummy taste, with a bit of a bite of course. It is layered with vodka, something green and minty and then grenadine. The perfect combination! So next time you're downtown wanting a treat, we recommend the "flea bite" and this sinly dessert called chocolate melt cake.

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