Thursday, July 12, 2007

Off to Market!

So Valerie and I are off at Market this week. We always get so giddy at Market. We get SOOOOOO inspired by all the new products out there and can't wait to share with our customers. (Don't be surprised if you see a new look in the store after these trips away!) We went yesterday and made some fabulous purchases to add to our everyday wares and of course a few additions to our Halloween brew and Christmas tinsels. We also met the owner of our Nouvelle candle line Brett. Valerie has the picture on her camera, so I'll post it soon. He was super nice. It is really neat to see the real people behind the product. It makes the BIG mart seem a bit more personal when the owner is in! Valerie took lots of good pictures for those of you who've never been to market, we will post a few for you to see the "magic/mystery" of this phenomenon. We head tomorrow for the temporaries. There is a floor called "High Design" we like to sip and see. We see only because the ticket makes us want to sip some more! We want to keep our customer happy with reasonable items, not scare you away! But, we have to admit the booths always inspire something. From a new Ladies Night Out idea, to an inspiration for a painting we are working on, it is worth it to stroll the floor.

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