Sunday, July 08, 2007

Flemonaide! and other Fun Stuff

Here we are on Market Day this past Saturday. Pictured on the far left are: Mailey (5), Brice (5), William (7) and Olivia (8). The right picture is Me (styling a new do for those that haven't seen me lately), Mailey and Olivia in our matching Funktion aprons. The flea babies set up a lemonade/homemade chocolate chip cookie/homemade ice cream stand for Market Day. They did a fabulous job of selling their wares. The Mommy fleas have rubbed off on them! We thank each of you who bought goodies from our children. Olivia is saving for a new bike, William for a set of gold clubs. The babies, well, they just want quarters for the next prize machine! If you missed this past Saturday, then be sure to mark the next first Saturday on your calendar. The square was HOPPING! It was so much fun to walk around the courthouse and see all the local crafters, farmers and goody makers selling. What a fabulous outlet for them. We didn't do too shabby in the Flea either!

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