Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Candle Debate

Those of you who have been with us as customers since the beginning know this candle line has been our staple. We've tried a couple other labels, but this has always been a line we carried. This past spring we found Nouvelle candles however. They are the ones in the most fabulous ceramic urn, their smells are most divine. This fall Nouvelle also offered to start putting our logo on the packaging. This opportunity for our own labeled candles at first tickled us pink! Second, it made us think twice about offering other candles in the store. So we put all the candles on sale, even sold the half burned testers and were done, so we thought. We've had SO many requests for Paddywax again that we thought we'd have a bit of fun with it this round. Listed below are some of the 24 scents they sell. If you would, leave a comment for your top two scents. At the end of about 10 days from now, we'll place an order for the top 5 scents. Here they are: eucalyptus, key lime, limoncello, plumeria, rosemary, lavendar, new mown hay, olive tree, chamomile, mango cilantro, blood orange, peony, mission fig, cassis and verbena.

My favorite is New Mown Hay, Valerie's is Olive Tree. We've never had the eucalyptus, but I bet it is a great one, especially on those months when the sniffles come around! It'd be my second choice. Thanks for commenting. I look forward to hearing from you!

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TonyaMama said...

My vote didn't go through so I thought I'd post a comment with my 2 favorites: Lavendar and New Mown Hay. Thanks for letting your customers vote!