Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Artfully Displayed

We are trying a new look for our windows. I took these during the day with a bit too much sunlight, so they don't show them as well as I'd like. You have to all promise to ride by at night to see the windows all lit up in the evening. Valerie's husband, Albert, came in Monday evening and said he had to take a second look to make sure he had the right store! These are pretty cool looking. I bit of art we think. Hopefully it'll make you want to come on in and feel right at home. The left window is a tribute to back to school, the right one is full of little nesting birds. We talk so much about nesting, we thought it would be appropriate to fill the window with little sparkly birds ready to nest.
As the season changes, I am sure the windows will too, but the heart of the store will always remain the same. From our house to yours, we welcome you. Come stay awhile and be inspired.

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