Sunday, August 05, 2007

"You Talkin' To Me?....SOLD!

Many of you wander into our store on a regular basis and always comment about the constant changes we make to the store layout. We do this for several reasons... for practical reasons we rearrange so you see something you may have missed last time around and most importantly we get restless and bored with the store staying the same all the time! We do buy new merchandise all the time. From where is always the fun of owning a business like ours. We dive into every antique mall, junk store and Goodwill we can find. We also buy from the mart in small quantities of products we'd love to have in our own homes. Keep in mind when you see these products, that if you fall in love with it, you should buy it then, because it might be a one-of-a-kind find and we don't reorder on mart items. All this to tell you the best part of owning a store lately has been the fun we've had at the auction house. This past Saturday night there was a local auction we were hesitant on attending for this and that reasons. So Mailey, Mom and I headed down to preview it to see if it was worth our attending. Five minutes into the preview I called Valerie (who was at a jewelry making class, can't wait for you guys to see her newest talent!) and said, hurry back, we gotta buy! This auction is run by a really fun family and last night was the brother/sister team all night on the podium. We've been at this auction before for up to 7 hours waiting for our last item to be placed up for bid. Last night there were some real treasures, and during the biding, he was cracking us up with this line "You talkin' to me?" to get bidders into the game. They appeared to be a bit short handed with spotters, and were packed with bidders, so this line came out of his mouth at least a million times. Valerie made a quick video for you to listen in case you've never attended an auction.

It is LOUD, fast paced, and really fun. We lost out on a bunch of stuff we really wanted, but knew our customer and jumped ship before prices got out of hand. Before we knew it though, we'd racked up about $1000 worth of treasures and our ears ringing from the auctioning team of the night. We headed home about 10PM talking the whole way home about where we'd place this and that. So, if you want first dibs on our newest truck load, it should be delivered tomorrow by early afternoon! My favorite personal buy was a piece of pottery, Valerie's were these cool prints of dogs in orange and black posted up top. Hope to see you in the store real soon!

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