Monday, August 06, 2007

Mart Inspirations

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the mart as promised. This is a past vendor we decided to try again. They have fabulous white pieces we intend to use in our Christmas theme this year. We also love the tiered tables, very Star Provisions. Ironically, the showroom loved Star's so much they had some made just like them! We are now on the hunt for some similar for our displays.

This was a showroom we wandered in just for their displays! This one is a bit hard to see, but the cans are pork-n-beans. The bowls have corn husk liners, dried black eyed peas and spam in the center. Look for us to re-use this idea come father's day!

This is a vendor we really like but have never ordered from. They have fabulous displays however and let us take a picture of this for all our Halloween spooks. Now to just find two matching bookcases! By the way, for those of you itching to know what Halloween jewels we have in store for you this year we are planning a sneak peak preview party for the second week of September. Be sure to get on our Flea Bite newsletter list for this exclusive invitation!

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