Monday, September 03, 2007

Emerging Artist

I think most of our readers know that I (being Jenni) write the blogs, while Valerie writes the website and our "Flea Bite" e-newsletters. That being said, I can take some liberty with my bragging rights when it comes to my best buddy Valerie in this blog entry. Below is a picture of Valerie's art as it now appears in Pearl Arts and Crafts Center on Roswell Road. Yep, our little artist has spread her wings outside the four walls of the Flea with her art! Doesn't it look amazing all together! Makes me so happy to see it there for others to see.

Many of you have admired her art as it has hung in our store for several years now. She has sold several paintings to regular customers as well. Valerie has been painting with encaustic wax, perfecting her technique now for about 3 years. The most inspiring part of her body of work is that she really is a self-taught artist. And although she claims to not call herself an artist, I believe she has amazing talent and a gift when it comes to this art medium! This first venture outside the Flea walls is a stepping stone to more showings for her. I look to the future and see her art donning the walls of many more art enthusiasts in the coming months! I'm so proud of you Valerie!
***Thank you Jenni.. I couldn't have done this without your guidance. My art website is now up and running so please go to and tell me what you all think!!

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