Tuesday, September 04, 2007

HOLY COW! Grandma, where's that chair of yours?

"The infamous aluminum tube web chairs that society has taken for granted for so long are restored to accentuate their covertly true modern form. A stitched leather silhouette of the once web, new hardwood armrests, and mirror polished frame not only redefines the chair’s physical presence, but also its identity." So it's late, and I'm surfing the web, and just had to share this find. Those underlined words are directly from the website in vivid description of the "lawn chair" above! We had these way cute girls come in to the store today and through conversation, found out one's sister has a website with Lotta's stuff on it. (Lotta is featured in Blueprint magazine this month, you gotta check out her stuff. Love it!) The web shop is called www.greenergrassdesign.com. They offer way fabulous products and ideas for our store. Products and ideas for us to "springboard" off basically. And then I nearly fell to the floor laughing when I saw my Grandmother Adkins' favorite aluminum chair on their site under furniture listed for, are you sitting down? $2500.00!!!!! No lie! They have taken these chairs, used leather for the webbing instead of the scratchy plastic webbing, refinished the arms, and slapped a price of $2500.00 on it, plus shipping of course. So, if your Grandmother still has hers on the back porch, I'd sneak it off if I were you and bring it to Valerie and I, we'll fix it up real nice for you!

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