Friday, September 28, 2007

Trip To Atlanta Chapter 2

After our Lenox trip and the chocolate fix, we headed for higher sights in the buckheadish area. We stopped at an area we'd both been wanting for awhile, but never had time. Today is the day we've got time! I did forget to mention in chapter 1 that by now we'd called the store and there was no answer at 10:30. Funny, it's Julie day, right? Well, the light then hit my head that this week was her wedding she'd be planning with a lovely bride for almost a year and she'd asked off for the day. No problem I probably said, Valerie and I are here on Tuesdays anyways. Oopsy! Called Ashley, got her to fill in for a few hours. Otherwise, note on the door, "Flea Chick's gone junkin". Sorry if any of you came by!
Anyways, back to the story. We window shopped the first strip of overpriced stores while gulping down McDonald's (no time for real sit-down food!). Walking to Pieces (fab looking shop we spotted in Domino Magazine) we spot a dainty tattered chair in wilted velvet. It wooed us over to a most unusal spot behind two buildings. Downstairs was locked but you could see into some amazing antiques and two sweet black kitties. The hand-written sign on the door said to go upstairs. It was a wrod-iron staircase and a bit spooky to be honest. Valerie even said, "Let's don't go up there". But up we went and boy are we glad. A couple hours later we'd managed to fill the suburban to the brim with treasures you will now find on our store floor, including 2 beautiful blue velvet chairs. Great finds, we'll be back for more!

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