Thursday, October 25, 2007

Junkin' Days Are Here Again!

So today we had the cool weather in the seat of our pants and an itchin' to replace a few empty spots in the store after Julie's HUGE sale on Tuesday. So we met at the store around 10am, headed to the Redneck for hotpoker biscuits and we were off. I should mention that my van was full of items for the art sale and Albert took Valerie's suburban, so we went junkin' in a little blue BMW convertible. And although we were two hot flea chicks in that car, it really was not the best for the buying we did. Of course, had I confiscated the truck from Billy, we'd have found nothing, Murphy's Law. We really should have taken a picture of the way home with the back seat packed with trunks for the trunk show series, a wooden stand for our door displays and my lap full of wire egg baskets and other fun finds for displays. My lap was so full that Valerie actually had to open the door and remove the pile for me. If we'd happen to hit a speed bump the wrong way, Valerie's knees would have gone through the windshield and my belly would have an egg basket permanent branding! Anyways, be looking for our fabulous new finds amongst the new merchandise we'll be pulling down early next week. Be prepared for a winter holiday escape to arrive at the Flea in the near future!

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