Sunday, November 04, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holidays

The ghosts hadn't even walked the streets when we at the Flea starting making the seasonal changes. With Art Walk early this year, we decided to take advantage of the captive audience and reveal our winter wonderland prior to Main Street's Open House (which is Sunday, November 11th from 12-5PM). Making changes for us is way more than unpacking, pricing and placing. There are vinettes to design and cozy little nooks to create. We want to inspire you throughout our entire store, which we really feel we captured this year! From vintage inspired ornaments, to the cookie ornaments that look fresh from Martha Stewart's kitchen we have a little something for everyone. So come on by soon, because this year our rule was to order a wide range of Christmas merchandise, but only order the minimums. So all we have is on the floor!

These pictures are of the unpacking and pricing process, which by the way took close to 5 full days, all employees working extra hours, and Valerie and I ......well more hours than we want to admit...dreams don't come without a price, but it is so very worth it now as we step into the vision come to life!

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