Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Sneak Peek at Jenni's House

Unfortunately I am having technical difficulties with my digital camera so I had to drag out the old 35mm. The bad in that is I had no idea what the pictures would turn out like, the "can I see Mommy" window comes in handy more than I thought! So here are just a few I was okay with sharing.

I am very drawn to a "natural Christmas" look to the outside of my home. Maybe it's the setting of our house, or the "Over the river and through the woods" image I nostalically love. Whatever the reason, I add just a little something different each year. What I wish I had pictures to show are my white vintage fence posts at the entrance to my sidewalk. They have nice natural sprigs on them with the trusty old red wagon beside full of a load of firewood ready to be wheeled in for those cooler nights upon us! I like the welcome it gives me when I walk up to the front door. This is a shot of some of my Byers' Carolers. Over the years my family and friends have given me these and they all have special meanings. I just LOVE these little guys. I have the entire Nutcracker series now, a mommy, an artist, a gas lighter (Billy used to work for Atlanta Gas Light), and of course a Mr. and Mrs. Claus in the collection now. Some say they are ugly, but I think they are so sweet!
In the kitchen I hung my Christmas decoration find of the year from the light fixture. In the original brown paper box I found 12 shiny bright tiffany blue balls. (notice the window awning....that's my new addition to the kitchen in my favorite Amy Butler Fabric). The other blue balls are resting on top of some amber bottles in the window over the sink.

Here's the mantel with the Mr and Mrs Carolers. The sled was Billy's Grandmother's, the phone came from my Daddy when he worked for Bell. The art on the mantel is by William a couple of years ago. I actually used it for our Christmas card becuase I loved it so much!

So that's it for now....more when the decorations come down!

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