Monday, January 14, 2008

A Curious Affair

Those of you that know us, know that Curious Sofa in Kansas City has become a store we love, and we've never even been! What you say? About a year ago Valerie read the most fabulous article about business owning in Home Accent magazine (I think this was the name). The article was written by none other than the owner of Curious Sofa, Debbi. Over the past year we have read her blog like a diary, soaking in every word and images she posts. Since first reading this article and finding her on the web, she has been featured in Country Living for her home and business! She has the inspiration, motivation and the knowledge we long for. About a month ago she posted on her blog an invitation for dinner during the Atlanta Gift Show. We were soooooo there! Last night Valerie, me and about 20 other eager young business owners met at the Plesant Phesant on Peachtree where we dined, talked and talked and TALKED about owning a business, the in's and out's, the best spots to buy, the worst lines, the best lines, our disappointment with this and that and soooo much more! It was a bit like meeting a movie star for most of us, we all regard her with such....awe really. She was kind to share her time and her knowledge with us. We all left revived and recharged. We look forward to one day seeing her wonderful store, but for now we will continue to read her blogs and use them to inspire us throughout the seasons!

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