Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Handmade by a Flea Chick

Here at the Flea we try to introduce a variety of new products, including ones made by us! Here is a sneak peek at a few! This cone is made with our fabulous felted flowers, ribbon, tons of yarn and vintage buttons. It would be great on a doorknob, front door, or other special spot. We have several wreaths to choose from, including some Valentine's Day ones. These were all inspired by Katie Runnels, an artist we found in a great blog called The Constant Gatherer. These are made with a wreath form, yards and yards of yarn, felted flowers, vintage ribbons and buttons and more. Come to the store to see all the selection. Each one is unique and would be a great welcome to your friends on your front door! They are all priced at under $35.00
I'll have a hot dog, coke, candy bar and.......whoopsy...you can't eat these yummies, they are for your wrist! Made from those little trinkets we used to get from the bubble gum machines, these bracelets are a wonderful, fun addition to your jewelry box! Each bracelet is filled with a variety of adorable charms, no two are alike. Come quickly because quantites are limited!
Oh, and these great bracelets are packaged just right for your sweetie in a Whitman chocolate box. Valerie, Julie and I had a yummy time emptying the boxes for you! Priced at $38.00 each.

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